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The PACKNSHIPSTORE™ Master Franchise Program has “success” written all over it. Why? Because we’ve done the work necessary to package an offering to give you a fair shot at the same success. Here’s what we’ll do for you:

Integrated Information Systems

We have arranged for the best information system on the market for use in your stores. Both from a customer service perspective and from a real-time business decision making perspective. You will have all the information you need for managing your successful chain of PACKNSHIPSTORE™ businesses at your fingertips and on your computer screens.

Business Plan to Grow Your Market

We have developed a business plan template to track the growth of your chain with substantial weigh points to help keep you on track.

Accounting Guidelines

There are reporting requirement is every business. We will provide you with the guidelines you need so that your system generates needed information for your accountant, lawyer and tax professional as well as complying with government regulations.

Operating Manual

Our operating manual helps you control the growth of every PACKNSHIPSTORE™ location in your chain. Customers will be guaranteed the same buying experience no matter where they go.

Employee Manual

People are key to your success. We have systems for hiring and training so that you get the most out of the people working with you.

Start-up Training Programs

Getting your people up to speed in what they need to become knowledgeable packing and shipping professionals has to happen quickly. We have training programs that develop your people’s talents every step of the way.

Insurance Guidelines

We will guide you in the best way to protect yourself, your employees and your customers with the right amount of insurance to offset the risks involved in running a PACKNSHIPSTORE™ chain of businesses.

Franchise Disclosure Document Template

Franchising is a highly regulated industry. Our legal team will help you write all the necessary documents and make all the appropriate filings to lawfully sell franchises in your Major Market. Our accounting team will work with your bookkeepers and accountants to make certain accurate financial information is available when needed.

Assistance with Federal/State Compliance

If your state requires pre-registration of your franchise offering then we will help you do that.

Site Selection and Lease Negotiation Guidelines

The perfect location but on the wrong side of the street can kill a business no matter how well executed the plan. Having a landlord as your partner also is not a very good idea. Our real estate team will train your team in how to identify the right locations for your PACKNSHIPSTORE™ businesses.

Vendor Relations with Shipping Companies

The deals we are able to negotiate with the major domestic and world-wide shipping companies are key to your PACKNSHIPSTORE™ chain’s profitability. We are connected to every company that matters.

Marketing Assistance

You will be selling two things, primarily; PACKNSHIPSTORE™ services and PACKNSHIPSTORE™ franchises. The marketing for these are very different. Our marketing programs will help you sell both.

Social Media Assistance

Our Social Media Assistance team will ensure that your marketing message is spread consistently and constantly within your Major Market. The Brand will pop up everywhere it is supposed to.

Website Assistance

Your locations will appear on our PACKNSHIPSTORE.COM web site. You will have access to any and all leads from your Major Market that come through this site. You will be able to have an add-on site with your specific Major Market information and your specific message to your customers and prospective franchisees.


Boil down any franchise program and the Brand is what’s left at the bottom of the pot. Branding is everything to your customer, your franchisees and our relations with Shipping Industry players. A consistent brand experience is of paramount importance to all of us.

Office Supplies

We offer a limited selection of office supplies that help our customers buy what they need to prepare their own packages for shipping.

Certified Mail

When proof of mailing and proof of receipt are required for sensitive deliveries we can provide this valuable service.

Package Receiving

We can be your address away from home for receiving packages you don’t want left on your doorstep or brought to where you work.

Custom Cards

We are able to create business cards and other personal cards for you to use in your business or other endeavors.


We offer a selection of custom binding alternatives to sharpen your presentations or just to keep all your pages in order.


We can laminate documents, ID Cards, or any other papers that need protection from the elements.

Email Receipt and Email Attachment Printing

Sometimes our customers don’t have printers or specialty printers needed to download and print documents and attachments they’ve received from others. We can accept a forwarded email and download and print what our customers need.

Jumpsticks/ Thumbdrives/ Scanning

We can also load up a jumpstick or a thumbdrive with documents we’ve printed for our customers in whatever format our customers require for future use.

International Freight

We have connections with international freight companies to get large items delivered just about anywhere in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do the franchise agreements last?

A. Typically a Master Franchise Agreement is a ten-year contract with two ten-year renewal periods.

Q. How much of this deal is negotiable?

A. Not very much. For a franchise chain to work, everybody must play by the same rules and everybody must make the same commitment for the same promised returns. We are also in a highly regulated industry that requires full disclosure to all prospective investors. We have to live by what we promise and can’t make any side deals.

Q. Will I need my own lawyer and accountant?

A. Yes. Franchising in your Major Market will be subject to federal regulation and, possibly, state regulation, too. Our lawyers and accountants will get yours quickly up to speed on what they will need to be doing for you.

Q. Is my investment in a Master Franchise guaranteed to give me a substantial Return On Investment?

A. There are no guarantees. But if you do what you’re supposed to do by following our plan and using our systems you stand a substantial likelihood of benefiting from your investment.

Q. What if I sell out my 10 PACKNSHIPSTORE™ licenses?

A. Certainly a good problem to have. If your Major Market can support more stores, we’ll be happy to sell you additional licenses. If not, other Major Markets may be available to you and your growing organization.

Q. Can I resell my Major Market?

A. Provided you are selling to a person or group who meets our qualifications for new Master Franchisees, certainly, we’ll allow you to sell your Major Market for a nominal transfer fee.

Q. What is the timeline between my first contact with you and the purchase of my Major Market?

A. Our Director of Sales will get into the details with you, but if you have what it takes there is no reason you can’t be taking control of your Major Market within a month.

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